The Senhaix N60PLUS is the latest in a new generation of Mobile Network Radios.  The large screen and excellent audio quality make this an ideal device to use both static, in an office, or fitted as a mobile in a vehicle.  Even using the in-built microphone, the audio is very good quality 


This device is fully compatible with TASSTA, our enterprise grade, professional PTT service.


You can use this radio on WiFi only, but to roam further afield, you will need to connect to a mobile data network.


If you are buying this product to use outside of the UK, please contact us directly for further advice.


PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise specified, this radio has no VHF or UHF capability, and cannot be used on commercial or Amateur frequencies.

Senhaix N60 Plus

    • 4G/3G/WiFi Network Radio
    • Android 7.0
    • TeamSpeak 3 compatible
    • Zello compatible
    • Echolink compatible
    • Use with the IRN (International Radio Network
    • Use with Network Radio channels on Zello
    • SIM cards available - click here