The N-EAR 360 HIGH DEFINITION earpiece is designed by Denmark’s leading in-ear experts, to be the most comfortable, covert and best sounding earpiece for 2-way radios.


The earpiece is already used & trusted by high performance security teams all over the world.


  • N-EAR 360 with 3.5mm connector requires a radio specific accessory with 3.5mm jack socket to which you can attach the N-EAR 360
  • 1 & 2-wire radio-specific accesories  are available separately on our site - if you don't see the one that works with your radio, just let us know and we'll source it for you
  • N-EAR 360 with 3.5mm connector will plug directly into your existing remote speaker microphone (RSM) 3.5mm socket
  • DIN-3.5mm adapter also available to plug onto your existing DIN-enabled audio accessory click here

N-Ear 360



    • 1 x N-ear 360 Earpiece
    • 1 x End User Case (Black)
    • 1 x Cable Clip (Clear)
    •  1 x Medium Double Flange Ear Tip
    •  1 x Small Open Ear Tip
    •  2 x Ear Wax Filters
    • Clear 22" cable