The Inrico TM-7 Plus is the 4G version of the very popular TM-7, which was the first Network Radio in a 'mobile radio' form factor.  


This radio can be used on 3G & 4G networks in the UK and also on WiFI networks anywhere in the world.


If you are buying this product to use outside of the UK, please contact us directly for further advice.


PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise specified, this radio has no VHF or UHF capability, and cannot be used on commercial or Amateur frequencies.

Inrico TM-7+

    • 4G/3G/WiFi Network Radio
    • Android 7.0
    • TeamSpeak 3 compatible
    • Zello compatible
    • Echolink compatible
    • Use with the IRN (International Radio Network
    • Use with Network Radio channels on Zello
    • SIM cards available - click here