This fantastic push-to-talk bundle comprises two of the very popular Inrico T320 LTE handhelds and includes 12 months subscription to G6PTT service and two multi-net SIM cards with up to 250MB of data per device, which is more than enough for standard PTT operation.


With our multi-net SIM cards, you can also use these radios right the way across Europe with no additional charges.


Buy these in multiples to grow your PTT fleet.  Ideal for a whole range of industries and activities including:


  • Schools & colleges
  • Transpoirt & logisitics
  • Youth groups
  • Local authorities
  • Building sites
  • Offices
  • Shopping centres
  • Hosptials
  • Warehouses
  • Security patrols


When you have completed your purchase, we'll send the service and airtime contract through for signature befrore we ship the radios.


The contract is plan and simple, and you can find a copy of it in the Documentation section to the right.



Inrico T320 PTT Bundle

    • 3G/4G/WiFi Network Radio
    • Android 7.0 OS
    • TeamSpeak 3 compatible
    • Zello compatible
    • Echolink compatible
    • Use with the IRN (International Radio Network
    • Use with Network Radio channels on Zello
    • Compatible with TASSTA our commercial PTT service
    • SIM cards available - click here