The outdoor router is designed for rugged deployments and is IP67 rated.  Its waterproof metallic enclosure is designed to withstand a wide range of extreme weather conditions.

Being externally located helps it pick up weaker cellular data signals, at the same time creating a local WiFi hotspot.


Internally it can then be connected to a switch or a router, delivering reliable, mobile broadband coverage indoors.


We have great deals on data only SIM cards also.  Click this link to find out more.



EZR33 Outdoor 4G Dual SIM Signal Booster

    • CAT4 LTE provides 150Mbps download
    • CAT6 LTE provides 300Mbps download
    • CAT6 provdes two-carrier aggregation
    • Dual nano-SIM card
    • MIMO WiFi 150-300m
    • 48V PoE Ethernet



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