The Boxchip S900APLUS is a truly versatile and very impressive hybrid FM analogue/DMR/Network Radio. 


You get everything in a single package with the choice of VHF or UHF for conventional FM and DMR mode.

The 4" touchscreen and loud 1W speaker, along with Bluetooth 4.2 and Android 9.0, make this a truly awesome device. 


But the really exciting feature on this radio is the bridge function.  Finally a device that will bridge between DMR and LTE and not operate on either one or the other independently.


To use the DMR function legally you will require a licence.  In the UK these licences are issued by Ofcom, and if you are intending to use this device for commercial operation, we would recommend that you speak to us directly, as we can smooth the entire licensing process from application to implementation.


This radio can be used on 3G & 4G networks in the UK and also on WiFi networks anywhere in the world for Network Radio operation, without the need for any type of licence.  


If you are buying this product to use outside of the UK, please contact us directly for further advice by calling +44 (0)1454 610050.


This device is fully compatible with TASSTA, our enterprise grade, professional PTT service.

Boxchip S900A Plus

    • 3G/4G/WiFi Network Radio
    • VHF or UHF DMR Tier 2
    • Dual nano-SIM
    • Bridge LTE & DMR networks
    • 1W or 2W RF on VHF & UHF
    • SIM cards available - click here