When you really can't afford to be out of touch!

Photo by Grant Ritchie on Unsplash

There are few communications systems that can boast the same global coverage as the Iridium satellite network. A constellation of 66 Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites covering the globe and including both polar regions.

Familiar to many who journey to remote locations and need to communicate is the Iridium satellite phone, quite literally a lifesaver on countless occasions.

But what if your communications need is a bit more 'immediate' and what if you need to contact more than one person at a time?

Traditionally this has been the preserve of two-way radio, but there's never been a two-way radio network that covers the globe.........until now!

In collaboration with Iridium, Icom launched the IC-SAT100 handheld in 2019, offering true over-the-horizon global push-to-talk (PTT). The IC-ST100 is a true satellite radio, as opposed to a satphone 'pretending' to be a radio!

That's now been joined by the IC-SAT100M, a mobile variant which is the only product of its type currently available for installation into vehicles. But it doesn't stop there, it can also be installed into an office, house, hospital or any other fixed structure, with the base unit remoted up to 100m away using simple CAT5e cable, giving you a fixed, in-building PTT capability.

As if that wasn't impressive enough, adding the unique Icom VE-PG4 gateway module allows the IC-SAT100M to interface not only with conventional LMR radio systems, but with other RoIP and SIP based devices such as IP phones; a truly global solution.

So who can benefit from this type of technology? The list below isn't exhaustive but does give a flavour of the sort of sectors that should be looking closely at this solution:

- Non-governmental organisations (NGO's)

- Travel & adventure

- Trans-national haulages

- Convoy protection

- Static & mobile security

- Emergency medical

- Search & Rescue

- Military and Federal

- National & Local Government

- Expeditions

- Oil & gas

- Mining & exploration

Our long association with Icom UK allows us to benefit form their world beating technical and sales support. So if this is a technology that you think could be of benefit to your operations, email Andy Clark (just click on the name) or call +44 7768 501775 to get the ball rolling.