As promised, I did a quick un-boxing of the Telox M6 LTE mobile, which you can see on out YouTube channel here

First impressions seem good, although Telo haven't invested in Google certification so it has no GMS available, which will annoy a lot of people.

With its predecessor the M5, we were able to have our own firmware developed to include the Google suite of products, but we don't think it will be possible with this model, due to the security restrictions inherent in Android 10.

However, we are going to try, and if we have any success, we'll let you know.

We're still waiting for stock, and with Chinese New Year in full swing (happy Year of the Ox, by the way), it's unlikely we'll see anything before the end of February.

But to prepare for that, we are taking pre-orders, and the first 50 lucky buyers can use the code TELOXM6 for a £50.00 discount.

We'll be publishing more videos of the M6 as we put it through its paces in the next few this space.

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