Shifting the Paradigm

In these times when we are all adapting to a different way of working and living, we can take the opportunity to reflect on the way we've always done things, and maybe challenge some of the accepted 'norms'.

Whatever happens when we emerge from this period of turbulence and uncertainty, there's one thing that will be certain; normal won't be what it used to be.

As a radio communications company, it's quite difficult for us to operate in the way that we used to whilst still adhering to the Government advice of only undertaking essential travel, and maintaining safe physical distancing.

Fortunately for us, we we're early adopters of LTE or push-to-talk over broadband technology. One of the major advantages of this technology, as I have highlighted before, is the absence of any bespoke, dedicated network infrastructure.

The networks that are used are already there, in the form of cellular and WiFi. This makes it fast, simple and cost effective to deploy users and radios either over a small area or on a global scale.

It doesn't matter what industry you operate within, or how disparate and geographically dispersed your workforce it, this technology can be rolled out, scaled up and scaled down simply and quickly, with none of the fuss of conventional two-way radio restrictions, be they coverage, licences, features or cost.

So if you have a team that needs to communicate, maybe now would be a good time to review your paradigm, and consider whether this technology could be right for you.

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