New Arrivals

With the ever increasing march away from conventional radio and towards PTToB/LTE radio, we are eagerly awaiting the delivery of the latest offerings from Hytera in the form of the PNC380 LTE radio and the PDC550 dual mode LTE & DMR UHF radio.

Both should be with us during this week and We'll post more details and a fuller evaluation in due course.

The advantage of the dual mode device is clear. We all know that despite what the network operators say, there are always going to be outages and areas where coverage is not as good as we'd like.

In these circumstances, the ability to switch from PTToB to regular DMR is an advantage, but only if it can be done easily and without restrictions.

The predecessor to the PDC550 was the PDC760. Very expensive, but excellent build quality. However, it demonstrated Hytera's immaturity in this market, because the in-built PTT button could only be used with the DMR engine. If you wanted to use a PTT application, you had to use the on-screen button.

No matter what we tried, we couldn't get a work around, and Hytera seemed unwilling to acknowledge this as a failure, and unprepared to try to remedy it. A bit of an 'own goal' as far as we were concerned.

Let's hope the PDC550 has fixed this fundamental flaw. Watch this space to find out!

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