It's been too long.....

It's been way too long since I sat down and put together something for this blog. I could cite pressure of work and COVID, but that would be rubbish, I just haven't made the time.

But that changes today! Over the coming weeks I'll be showcasing some new and exciting LTE radio products and the accessories that go with them to deliver a truly world-class solution.

I'll also re-visit some old friends, and look at how they may have changed since you first met them.

These reviews will include:

  • Telo: now re-branding as TeloX, keep an eye out for more on this

  • Samsung: we now have access to the Galaxy X-Cover Pro and X-Cover 4S

  • we recently signed up as a partner with these guys

  • Ruggear : lots of exciting new handsets

  • Ecom: if you need top notch Atex approved kit

  • N-ear: in my opinion, the best covert headset on the market

and much, much more.

Also check out our other social media outlets including our YouTube channel and G6 Facebook company page, where I will be posting an un-boxing of the brand new TeloX M6 Intelligent Mobile Terminal shortly.

We are one of only two (as far as I know) UK re-sellers to get our hands on these, and stock will be arriving very soon.

This is the link to the G6 Facebook page -

This is the link to the G6 YouTube channel -

Also, if there is anything you want me to cover, review, unbox or just comment on, be sure to submit a contact and I'll be sure to add it to the list.

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