Falling by the wayside...

With such a lot going on in other areas, keeping up with all of the various social media engagement channels feels like a never ending business, and inevitably some fall by the wayside.

The blog here on the G6 ecom site is one of those, but I'm going to try to give it a bit more attention over the coming weeks as, ironically, whenever I share a link back to it on any of the other social channels, it always enjoys great engagement!

A few things of note that we'll be looking at, including the inexorable rise of network radio, push-to-talk over cellular, LTE comms, call it what you will, but it continues to gain prominence in both the hobby and commercial markets, so can't and indeed shouldn't, be ignored.

We'll look at some use cases for the technology and highlight its various features and benefits.

Quite a lot of new hardware from all of the usual suspects including Hytera, Telo (now Telox), Inrico and Motorola.

Even though my personal view is that Motorola has become far too big for it's own boots, credit where it is due, and the new Motorola ION does seem like a pretty impressive piece of hardware, with an equally and 'reassuringly expensive' price tag to go alongside it!

Lastly, at G6 we are going back to our roots in some ways, and adding the Grandstream range of IP based telephony products to our portfolio. Having spent many years in mainstream telecoms, it's quite nice to circle back to it, and the fact that radio, especially the aforementioned LTE offerings, are increasingly IP based, means that there is a convergence (in The FORCE), that opens up all sorts of exciting integration possibilities.

So just a taster of what's to come, and a commitment to try to bring you something of interest at least every couple of weeks, if not more frequently than that!