Everything you need to know about eSIM's but were afraid to ask!

First and foremost, what is an eSIM? This is an easy one to answer: an eSIM is a carrier agnostic SIM card, which means you can swap between mobile service providers without the need to swap the physical SIM.

Why is this important? Currently, if your contract comes to an end, or if you find a better deal, you have to swap the physical SIM if you are moving from one network to another, with an eSIM that's not necessary.

Why does it matter? Well for most of us the answer to that is "it doesn't"! It's a simple act to pop out the SIM tray and change the card over. But imagine if you have more than one device. Imagine, for example, that your company manages car parks right across the country, with potentially 1000's of entry and exit barriers and ticket machines, all working on the cellular data network; now you get the picture!

But it is more fundamental even than that. For years, the big four cellular operators have dominated the market with inflexible and often inappropriate tariffs. Again, for you and I using our SmartPhone, what they offer is probably OK, but when you are potentially using Gigabytes of data everyday, you want to know that you are on the right tariff and you want to be able to manage that data use across all of those devices, without incurring excess and unpredictable out of bundle charges.

At last this is possible, and it is unlocking the huge potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) by giving you the level of control hitherto impossible. So if you want to learn how to take control, and I mean real control of your SIM card estate, and save money in the process, then you should talk to us.

Here are some examples of devices that may already have SIM's fitted that you may be paying over the odds for without even realising:

- Entry barriers

- Sign boards

- CCTV cameras

- Payment terminals

- Door entry systems

- Live timetable boards

- PoC devices

- PDA's in any industry

- Taxi meters

- Environmental monitoring

- Vending machines

- Ticket machines

- In-vehicle dashcam systems

- Vehicle telematics

- Intruder alarms

- Menu boards

- Data fallback routers

- and there are many more I haven't even listed here!

Email or just fill in the contact form on the website, and we'll help you take back control.