Designed and built for professionals with the highest security requirements


Data secured at all times with multilayered security integrated in hardware and source code

Unbreakable chain of security

Long device lifespan

Designed & manufactured in Finland

Tamper-proofed to prevent data theft

Non-rootable device firmware

With or without Google Apps

Who's it for?

If your data security is important to you, then the Tough Mobile 2 is for you.  It will give you complete peace of mind and can be used for both work and personal use with the two environments completely isolated form one another.

 - Company executives

 - Security operators

 - HNW & UHNW individuals

 - Legal professionals

 - Security services

 - Government agencies

Security Without

Compromising Usability

Keep your data safe at all times


Trusted boot with hardware and software integrity validation

Hardware-based privacy mode for disabling microphones, cameras, and Bluetooth

Next generation tamper detection for preventing data theft and spying

Designed to be certified RESTRICTED and CONFIDENTIAL

Device and data in transit secured with Bittium Secure Suite™ device management and encryption software

Trusted design and manufacturing in Finland


Fully compatible with our TASSTA enterprise grade PTT solution